Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Not every accident requires an attorney. If you were in an accident that wasn't your fault and the other individual has a "bad insurance" policy, bad as in very low policy limits, you may not need an attorney. Evaluating whether or not you need an attorney for your case can be hard to figure out on your own. The attorneys at The Lions Injury Lawyers are willing to answer any questions whether or not you are or are not clients. So please call. 949.329.5000. The most important thing is you.  After you've received sufficient medical care for your injuries it's critical to know your options. That's where a free case evaluation from us comes in. 

"I had no idea that there was such a short time limit on my case. If I would have known my options sooner I could have recovered so much more money. All I wanted was to get my medical bills paid off and I didn't even get that."  -Diane, head on collision. 

There is a two year time limit from the time of an accident to when you can file a claim. Two years may sound like a long time but if you get in an accident with another party that is well insured-well insured meaning someone with a high policy limit, chances are the insurance company will fight to pay you as little as possible. That's when it's paramount to seek representation. Insurance agencies are designed to pay you as little as possible, and one of their techniques is dragging out the process. 

"I had a great case, I was hit by a woman in her SUV while on my motorcycle. The woman didn't even see me. It was completely her fault.  I went to the hospital in an ambulance, I had a few broken ribs and had to have surgery on my shoulder. I got really lucky, I've recovered well. All I wanted was to get the money to pay for my hospital bills, forget my bike! The hospital I was taken to was out of area for my insurance. The owner of the SUV had a huge policy but the insurance agency tied up my claim. I ended up getting a fourth of what I should have because I ran out of time and I just figured take what can I get! I just didn't know! I got totally screwed! It's an awful feeling knowing you left money on the table."
-Mark, motorcycle accident. 

The benefit of getting an evaluation from a personal injury lawyer is they can tell you exactly what kind of potential your case has and at no cost to you. Understanding the difference between an insurance policy with high policy limits and low policy limits is a good start. Even if you think your case doesn't have a good chance, there are circumstances like negligence by the insurance companies that can make all the difference in your case. Understanding the facts is important. The experience of this husband and wife below is sadly all too common: 

"I had no idea how hard it was to recover damages from insurance companies. I couldn't get anyone to call me back. It's as if they won't take you seriously unless you're a lawyer! Our case was tied up in claims for months. The person who hit me didn't even have insurance. I hired an attorney just to recover damages with my own insurance agency. Best decision I made." -Marie (wife) 
"I wish I would've called sooner. I am self employed and work from home. I was making calls on our case daily. It was taking all of my time. I am not exaggerating we spent hours and hours trying to work with them and got nowhere! They kept transferring us from one case manager to another, it was a nightmare. Marie finally called an attorney, within a few days we got the full policy limits."  -Wells, T-bone collision. 

At The Lions Injury Lawyers, we don't leave money on the table. We get our clients the money they deserve. Let us take care of your case, no one has time to clowned around with. Contact us today.