The Police Report


A police report is a critical piece of evidence. If you've been in an accident you are familiar with the process, if you haven't it is good to know what to expect. Filled out correctly, a police report can make all the difference should your case go to court. Failure to fill out a police report can leave your case exposed, please read the following. 

  • It can take days to be aware of injuries.  A police report is critical in helping receive damages for your injuries. 

  • It is easy to over look damages to the vehicle. A police officer may catch things that over looked by either party. 

  • The other party may make false claims about the accident. The police report is the easiest way to collaborate a story. 

  • Initially the fault of may be placed on the wrong party, a police report can help change that.


You only get one opportunity to fill out a police report. What you say can be critical to your case. Think carefully about you share. 

  • A thorough description of what happened. 

  • The name of the driver and their insurance information

  • If there were any witnesses to your accident get their names. If possible get their account of the story with your cell phone. 

  • Details of damages to the car. 

  • Description of Injuries. 


  • If the accident was small, resulting with no injuries and very little damage usually $500 or less the Police are not called. 

  • If there is extreme weather a small accident may not be high enough priority. 

  • You can always file your own police report online or at the DMV if a police officer doesn't show up.

  • If the car accident resulted in damages estimated at over $1000 and a police report was not filed within 10 days by California law your license will be suspended. A POLICE REPORT IS REQUIRED. 


To ensure you've done everything you need to review the following to make sure you've done your part. 

  • If the other party in your accident is uninsured file a police report. It is illegal to drive without insurance. 

  • Get the police officer's name. The officer's name is included in the police report but it is not uncommon to have the name be unreadable on the report. 

  • Get your own copy. A copy of the report is available 48 hours after the accident.

  • Remember the more points of contact the better for making a claim for your auto accident.