Nobody wants to have to hire a lawyer to help them recover from a dog bite. Unfortunately, some of the worst injuries we've seen are the result of vicious attacks by dogs. Accordingly, some of the most serious long-term effects of a dog bite are difficult or nearly impossible for the average person to recover on his own from the dog owner's insurance company. The injury lawyers at The Lions have recovered large settlements on behalf of our clients who have suffered serious dog bites.

Some of the worst injuries we've seen are the result of dog bites. Many dog bite injuries are not from the dog breeds you might expect, such as rotweillers, pitbulls, and the terrier breeds. Often, children are injured by dogs who are spooked or caught by surprise by an overeager child looking to pet the animal. The most common injuries are permanent nerve damage and scarring, due to the nature of dog bites usually puncturing deep into the skin and muscle.

Social anxiety often plays into dog bite claims, as the injured person may know the owner of the animal, or may be afraid of their reputation in the community if it becomes known that they are pursuing a claim. Contrary to popular myth, most dog bite claims are handled between our office and the insurance company that insures the property owner or animal owner. We make every effort to guide clients towards reaching an amicable settlement with minimal social exposure or anxiety, and we are sensitive that the social aspect of a dog bite claim is often a top priority of our clients.

If you or a loved one was injured by an animal, we look forward to discussing your claim with you.


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