About your resume...

We've seen a lot of resumes of professionals looking to join our team. Our team was carefully assembled of highly competent professionals, but the most important attribute of our staff is not the schools they earned their degrees from, or their GPA. Rather, we pride ourselves on being a team of highly empathetic and compassionate professionals. Assembling a good team is an art, and we are constantly looking to improve the efficiency and performance of our team. 

When we look at adding a member to our team, we're looking for the so-called 'intangible' qualities. By their very nature, these qualities are difficult to communicate in writing or on your LinkedIn profile. Our clients have gone through a lot before they get to us - they are our utmost priority. Each case is someone's life - we don't take the responsibility of representing our clients lightly. We are always looking for people who match their exceptional work product with a genuine good heart. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you. Send an email to and let's talk.