The Lions have heart

Your case is not just another number to us. We love what we do, and we do it extremely well because our hearts are in it. Every case we take deserves our very best, and that's what we deliver. 


You wouldn't go to a general practitioner doctor if you needed heart surgery. Choosing a lawyer is similar: our firm exclusively handles select personal injury cases. We don't dabble in other areas of the law. We focus all our resources on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Our narrow focus has enabled us to learn the ins and outs of personal injury law. We are sensitive to the reality that your injury affects not only you, but your family and loved ones as well. If you have financial dependents, such as children or a spouse, we know how complicated finances can become. We pride ourselves in helping families recover financially by aggressively pursuing the maximum amount of money available for your personal injury claim. Contact The Lions Injury Lawyers today.


Ryan Miller, founding attorney

Ryan Miller and The Lions team have won sizable settlements for thousands of injured clients throughout California. A skilled negotiator with a reputation for reaching large settlements on cases other attorneys have passed on, Ryan takes pride in fighting for each client. His persistence and attention to detail have distinguished Ryan among his colleagues and clients as a proven and reliable advocate of the injured. 

"Your race and zip code should not determine the value of your case"

During business school, Ryan came to appreciate the role big data plays in corporate America. Due to the large number of car accidents in California, insurance companies rely heavily on a computer program when they evaluate an injury claim. Factors such as race, zip code, make and model of car, and gender all factor into how much money an insurance company will offer to settle your case. Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar for-profit entities, and they invest heavily into collecting data on every claim. This enables them to predict the least amount of money a claimant will accept. Instead of evaluating the facts of each case, many insurance companies simply put a few details into their computer and push the injured person to accept a computer-generated amount that is the result of a complex algorithm. Ryan has seen this happen over and over again, and he fights back.

"Injury claims are a numbers game for insurance companies. I work tirelessly to beat them at their own game."

Big insurance companies aren't the only ones keeping data. A  "numbers nerd," Ryan has identified disturbing trends in the amount of money insurance companies will offer to settle a claim. Specifically, African American and Latino claimants are consistently pressured to accept less money to settle their claims than other claimants. Ryan calls the insurance companies on the carpet, and it has earned him a reputation as not only a savvy and assertive negotiator, but as an attorney who is intimately familiar with the business practices of the biggest insurance companies. 


JD, Southwestern Law School

MBA, Claremont Graduate University

BA, Brigham Young University



The most important characteristic of our team members is the heart with which we handle every case. Whether it's tracking down medical records or preparing a client for a deposition, we always draw back to our roots: each client deserves our very best. We laugh and cry with our clients; it is a privilege to represent our injured clients and guide them through the often difficult and confusing times that follow an accident. Client communication is a top priority, and we strive to keep our clients apprised of their case status on a regular basis.


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